Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a discount?

We try to offer sales on items on a continuous basis. Watch for these discounts which will be advertised online and elsewhere. By the same token, we also routinely make coupons available for a variety of reasons. Please watch for them.Large quantity orders can save significant amounts, too. Be sure to ask us if you need a large number of items for an event, a group, or similar. We are more than happy to work with you to save you money.


How do I return an item?

Any item may be returned if is in its original condition. Please include: a copy of the original packing slip or a note including your contact information, email address used when the order was placed, and the reason for the return. We will issue your credit as soon as we have processed your return package back into our warehouse. Send the item to:, 1905 Nord Avenue, Set 1, Chico, CA 95973.


How do I exchange an item?

To ensure that we have the garment you want in stock in the size you need and that it will ship to you in the most timely manner we recommend either of these choices: 1. You can place a new order for the new item you want and send back the original. Weʼll ship out your new order right away. As soon as we receive the original item, weʼll refund your money for the first order. 2. We can hold the item you would like to purchase, but only for 2 weeks. If we donʼt get your return package within that time, we will put the item back into stock and you risk it being sold out by the time we receive your return package. If you aren't going to place a new order, please also include the size/description of the item you would like in return, and a check or money order for the cost of shipping (please contact us and we will give you the exact amount required). We will ship out the new item as soon as we have processed your return package back into our warehouse. Please let us know which option you are going to choose, so that we know whether to hold the item or not. See above FAQ about returns for additional information.


Will my payment info be safe?

Yes. We use 128 bit SSL Encryption to ensure the privacy of your personal information. This means you can place your order without fear of interception, provided you're using an SSL compliant browser. Look for the little padlock when you get ready to enter your information.

Why was my credit card declined?

To help prevent fraud, Credit Card transactions are now a 2 part process: First, your credit card issuer "authorizes" the transaction, verifying that the funds are available, and places a temporary hold on them. AVS (Address Verification System) also checks the address & zip code information you provide, against what your card issuer has on file. Once the appropriate authorization verification response comes back from your card issuer, our system settles the transaction, completing the charge. However, if the response that comes back indicates that the address & zip code information do not exactly match what your credit card issuer has on file, our system will not "settle" the transaction.


How long might I see a charge on my card during a decline?

While a declined transaction will not be "settled", by our system, the requested dollar amount is temporarily set aside by your credit card issuer as a pending charge, reducing your credit limit. If a you speak to your credit card issuer or view your credit card statement on-line, you may see the authorized amount being held, and assume you have been charged. This is only a temporary hold that will usually time out after 48 to 72 hours, depending on your individual credit card issuer.


Will I receive an email confirmation?

You should receive a confirmation every time you place an order. If you do not, it may be because: 1. Your email address was entered incorrectly, causing emails to be bounced back to us. 2. Our email was redirected to your SPAM folder or automatically deleted depending on your mail preferences. Please check your "spam" and "recently deleted" folders prior to contacting us.


What if I want an item that isn't currently in the store?

We are always looking for suggestions. Please feel free to contact us at any time for items, sizes, or colors that you'd like to see us handle in the store. We do listen and appreciate the input and feedback. Thanks!